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What is Thawrox® Treated Salt?

Thawrox treated salt is a precision-blended combination of rock salt and high-performance liquid additive.


What liquid is applied to the salt? What purpose does it serve?

Thawrox salt is treated with three components and is considered a Type II treated salt. The three components include:

  • An organic carbohydrate (a corrosion inhibitor and viscosity modifier)
  • Liquid magnesium chloride, or MgCl2 (improves performance at lower temperature and promotes an immediate activation of the salt when spread)
  • A colorant (which makes it easier for spreader operators to see exactly where they are applying Thawrox, and it helps identify it from other deicing products at yards)


Can Thawrox treated salt be used as my primary deicing product?

Yes, Thawrox salt is a great choice as your primary deicing salt. You will realize reduced application rates and benefit from its quick brining phase during winter weather conditions down to 5ºF/-15ºC. That’s why each winter an increasing number of public agencies depend entirely upon Thawrox salt for their deicing needs.


Budgets are tight. How does Thawrox deicer impact my budget?

Typically the reduced application rate alone offsets the higher price per ton cost of Thawrox treated salt. Other operational savings include seeing fewer return trips to the service yard to reload with material.


Can Thawrox treated salt help me use less sand? It is a mess and big expense to clean up in the spring.

Yes. With the addition of MgCl2, the working temperature is reduced to 5ºF/-15ºC. Some customers report excellent performance at even lower temperatures. Thawrox deicer provides a wider temperature band to melt snow and ice longer into winter, thereby delaying or eliminating your need to spread sand.


If weather conditions require sand applications, how does Thawrox treated salt work?

When Thawrox product is applied as a percentage of the sand stockpile, it keeps the sand flowing throughout winter. Many agencies share that the percentage of salt is lower when they incorporate Thawrox deicer.


How am I able to reduce my application rates by 20% to 30% compared with traditional deicing products?

Thawrox treated salt has been tested and documented in a McHenry County, Ill., field test to remain in the roadway once spread as compared to other products. Less salt bounces onto the shoulder or beyond leaving more Thawrox product in the traffic lane to bare the road.


How can I get the most out of Thawrox treated salt?

First, make sure your operators know how to properly store and apply Thawrox product. It's also important to calibrate your spreader equipment and incrementally reduce your application rates so operators know the optimum rates for your winter-weather conditions.


We are considering on-board tanks to apply liquid at the spinner to pre-wet our salt. Why should I consider Thawrox product instead?

First, you’ll have much less hassle. Thawrox treated salt is precision-mixed and delivered to your dome. Simply load it and spread it. Another reason to consider Thawrox deicer is that you won’t incur the infrastructure expenses or ongoing maintenance for liquid storage or discharge equipment at your yard or on your trucks.


Will the colorant stain roadways, equipment, or vehicles?

The colorant was specifically selected because it does not adversely impact the environment or equipment. It is engineered to degrade with ultraviolet light and is biodegradable. However, the full deicing properties of Thawrox salt are intact even when the color has lightened.


What is the best way to store Thawrox deicer?

Thawrox treated salt should be properly covered in a dome, in a building or with a tarp, and should be on an impervious pad, such as asphalt or concrete.


I am interested in Thawrox product. Is there a trial program?

Yes, new users can purchase a single load to try before committing to a more significant volume. Your operator and road supervisor will be able to provide ample feedback on the various winter conditions your agency faces each winter.


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