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Thawrox® Treated Salt provides both contractors and government agencies with a cost-effective, high-performance tool to clear ice and snow. While each face unique winter maintenance challenges, both need the premier performance Thawrox provides.



Government Agencies


Thawrox® Treated Salt helps you supply your constituents with the cleanest, safest roads possible. They’ll also appreciate the dollars you save with reduced applications rates.

You and your crew will see additional benefits, including:
• Reduced fuel and labor costs
• No need for extra equipment
• Improved equipment life because of reduced corrosion and wear and tear 
• Reduced bounce and scatter
• Easier storage
• Shipments on demand
• No lumps or clumping in the dispenser





Your customers will appreciate the improved melting performance Thawrox® Treated Salt provides, along with these benefits:

• Safer walking and driving surfaces for their visitors and customers
• Reduced salt tracking into stores
• Decreased corrosion on metal items such as shopping carts


Your business also will benefit, because the longer-lasting effects of Thawrox and the reduced application rates will allow your crew to cover more areas — and more businesses — in the same amount of time. With Thawrox, you’ll also see:

• Reduced clean up time
• Simplified storage, thanks to the no-clumping action of Thawrox
• No need for extra truck equipment





The resources below will help equip you and your staff with top-notch deicing insight and information.  


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