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Thawrox® treated salt is the industry's premier deicing product, combining the performance of liquid deicing technology with the proven melting effects of rock salt. Ice begins melting faster, product remains on road longer and works at lower temperatures. That equals enhanced levels of service, lower labor and no costly pre-wetting systems needed — so your deicing dollars go further than ever before.


Operational Savings                                                                                             

Eliminate all maintenance costs related to pre-wet systems.

Fewer application trips leads to better allocation of equipment and better optimized routes.

Reduces or eliminates the need for sand and sand clean up.

Reduces corrosion by 50% — extending the life of your equipment and roadway hardware.

Increase trade-in or resale value of spreader.


Equipment Acquisition and Fleet Maintenance Cost

Spreading Thawrox treated salt does not require expensive pre-wet systems. These systems can cost up to $30,000 per new spreader, based on feedback from agencies. The constant maintenance pre-wet systems require is an even larger financial burden. Agencies report up to $8,000 annually per truck related to impact of pre-wet systems.


Do More With Less

Reduces bounce and scatter; 95% stays in the targeted application area.

Good adhesion to roadway with continuing residual effects.

Reduces fuel and labor costs.

Works in cold temperatures (5ºF / -15ºC).

Less wind-borne loss of finer salt.

Fewer trips to reload or eliminate an application run all together.

Quicker, longer and more effective performance using less salt.


Faster Melting Action Even at Low Temperatures

The natural additives package applied to Thawrox deicer more readily absorbs moisture, creating a brine more quickly than salt alone. The result is a longer, more efficient brine phase even at colder temperatures of 5ºF (-15ºC) so your roads get to bare pavement faster, as the season gets colder.

Handling Without Hassles

Thawrox treated salt is pre-mixed for a precise, evenly blended product that uniformly covers 100% of the rock salt.

Free flowing salt in stockpile from suppressed freezpoint.

Reduces binding and clumping in the spreader.

Better coverage than pre-wetting techniques.

No on-site liquid storage or expensive application equipment necessary.

Eliminate risk of on-board pump failures, Thawrox deicer is always wet when spread.

Remove the need to install pre-wet equipment, saving up to $30,000 per new spreader.


Less Bounce and Scatter

In a bounce and scatter test in McHenry County, Ill., results showed that 95% of all Thawrox deicer applied stayed on the road. In addition, 25% more Thawrox treated salt stayed on the road as compared to untreated salt. The chart below shows how much more Thawrox treated salt stays on the road compared with untreated salt.


An Environmental Solution

Thawrox deicer is an effective, efficient and environmentally-friendly choice for your roads:

Natural, environmentally friendly additives.

Key contributor when implementing salt management plan.

Safe, clear roads achieved with less overall product.

Significant reduction of chlorides entering the environment.

Non-staining colorant will not impact roadway, waterways or vegetation.

Thawrox treated salt has proven to reduce the total amount of deicing product needed to treat a road by up to 30%.