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Expert Opinion Webcast

Hear first hand how some of the country's most innovative deicing experts make winter road maintenance more efficient and less costly in this round table discussion.


Paul Johnson    listen here>>>

Expert Snow and Ice Management
Operations Manager
County of Wellington Ontario


Mark DeVries    listen here>>>

Expert Snow and Ice Management
Maintenance Superintendent
McHenry County Public Works Transportation Department


Bill Edwards     listen here>>>

Advocate Snow & Ice Management
Maintenance Superintendent
Kane County Division of Transportation


Key Topics


- What are the effects of treated salt on equipment?

- Efficiency of treated salt compared to typical deicers.


Questions and comments from listeners:


- What kind of savings can I expect from using a treated salt?

- What is the melting capacity of treated salt?

- How does treated salt compare to a liquid system?

- Treated salt storage.

- How is Thawrox deicer better for the environment?

- Reducing bounce and scatter with Thawrox deicer.

- Benefits of mixing treated salt with standard rock salt.

- What is the return on investment when using Thawrox deicer?

- Why use pre-treated salt instead of pre-wetting?